Empowering the minds of Children

Inner Genius Global empowers children to use their minds and explore their emotions through books, activities and educational programs.

We encourage children to imagine, dream, achieve and succeed as they explore the world with Genius and his friends.

Genius & His Friends

Genius is an adventurous little mind who loves encouraging children to tap into the power of their own minds through stories and activities.

Inner Genius Global is proud to bring Genius to children through our series of books, activities, games and the Genius & His friends App.

Go on adventures with Genius & His Friends in our book series

The Genius & Friends books are an interactive series of publications designed to foster resilience and creative thinking in children.

Written for pre-primary and primary-aged children, the books see Genius and his friends take readers on an adventure of the mind, exploring their emotions and thinking.

Each book is complemented with activities in the Genius & Friends App.


What Parents and Educators are Saying

Wendy helps children gain the skills and habits needed to reach their potential, believe in themselves and learn how to build healthy relationships from a young age.

Our children are both important and precious; and I believe that being a parent, teacher and guardian are the hardest and most important jobs in the world. Inner Genius Global helps parents, teachers and guardians with fun ways to educate children and create a much better and nicer world. Wendy has made sure to cover topics like bullying, creating good habits and celebrating our differences (just to name a few) in a way that children can understand and take away positive values to then use in their own lives.

Debbie Small

CEO, Empowerment Point

Wendy has been a Consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute since 2016 and completed a 9-month certification program that measures her knowledge and understanding of material that our company is founded on.  Wendy has demonstrated this understanding to a very high level with the programs she has developed for children. 

The combination of this knowledge with her many years of expertise in the field of childhood development has resulted in a powerful toolbox that will benefit anyone that this program comes in contact with.

Cory Kelly Proctor

Vice President Global Operations, PGI Consulting Division, Proctor Gallagher Institute

Program Your Inner Genius for children from Wendy Marquenie is a real treasure. Every child is a special gift. Wendy created this program to teach them how important thinking is.

The thoughts influence every part of human being. Everybody possess very special gifts. We call them intellectual faculties and they are imagination, memory, will, perception, intuition and reason. We should be careful what we plant in our mind. If we uncover one treasure in our mind, we can become what we truly want to be. Program is educational and it is delivered in a very playful way.

Margita Dziakova

Telecommunications, Bratislavia

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