Educational Programs

The Inner Genius Programs are designed to unlock your child’s inner potential so they can overcome challenges and create success in life.

We do this via two unique programs.

The first supports the Genius & Friends books, using curriculum mapping to tap into early literacy skills while also building the student’s resilience and self-awareness.

The second program involves our virtual classroom and video series, encouraging and motivating children to think and act positively while developing a strong self-belief.

Both programs introduce the concept that ‘we are what we think’, with imagination, intuition, will, memory, reason and perception all playing a critical role in our mindset and our relationship with the world around us. 

What Parents and Educators are Saying

“My name is Troy Wittmann. I have worked in education for nearly 30 years, in Wisconsin, USA. I have written several books and articles on appropriate methods for involving children in the learning process. I also make active learning videos and other materials available to the public at www.teachingrocks.com. Recently, I had the pleasure of reviewing the Genius & His Friends program created by Wendy Marquenie. It is based on the legendary work of Bob Proctor. Bob Proctor is an education and life coach and his name is synonymous with success. Through this program and her unrelenting dedication to children, I truly believe Wendy Marquenie’s name will also be equated with success. Wendy is onto something exciting and inspiring with this professional, detailed, and thought provoking resource. Parents could effortlessly include this program into the raising and developing of their children. Genius & His Friends program will help parents raise assertive, passionate,
resourceful, and creative children. Teachers could easily incorporate this program into their lessons allowing children to see their true value from an early age. I am proud of what Wendy Marquenie has created here. I know the Genius & His Friends program will make a positive impact because it is research-based and extremely authentic and honest in its approach to helping children succeed.”

Troy Wittmann

Teacher / Author, teachingrocks.com

“Here, Wendy Marquenie has provided an accessible tool for young minds to facilitate them
in exploring the concept of growth mind-set, and this will undoubtedly help shape little people into positive contributors and healthy beings.

This instructional guide offers extensive plans and engaging activities to support deep understanding and curriculum learning in a way that is accessible to busy teachers. It balances the broad reading curriculum expectations beautifully within each easy to follow lesson.

I often hear and see requests from colleagues, reaching out for direction in choosing which quality guided reading plans to use. From experience, trawling through class texts and curriculum objectives whilst trying to piece together a week’s worth of exciting lessons can put a drain on family life.

This instructional guide has rescued our Sundays by providing a ‘pick up and go’ tool with
everything needed for quality guided reading lessons. Thank you!.”

F. Herniman

BA (Hons) Children’s Literature with QTS

“As a teacher, I truly believe that curriculum maps highlight an integral part of the learning process when connected to books. Wendy Marquenie and Charlotte Taylor have collaborated, as teachers, to create the ‘Genius  Series‘ curriculum plan, which helps teachers across the globe.

Connecting the books to lesson plans and some educational tools, will surely assist educators in sustaining a highly effective teaching system which focus on reading, writing, song, theatre, music and other classroom activities.

The map, coupled with lessons, tools and tasks is sure to give teachers back their time while honing in on resources that have been devised specifically for international school standards. I can’t wait to utilize this map, as well as the books for my own online classes while sharing the Genius books as a resource for budding young minds.  

The OAO (Online Author’s  Office) is proud to be part of this collaborative educational process.

Pashmina P., M.Ed

International bestseller CEO & Founder, The Online Author’s Office Featured in New York Weekly

Adventure with Genius & His Friends

Come on and adventure with Genius and His Friends in these fun rhyming books for children. Genius introduces you to his friends to inspire you to imagine, dream, achieve and succeed. Genius helps you understand more about your mind and body and how it connects with the world around you. Genius and his friends inspires you to learn a new way to think, and shows you how to develop a strong self-belief and confidence to create bright and happy futures. All creatures are unique, but you are even more special! We all have an inner Genius.

Give your child the opportunity to unlock their genius within.

Program - Genius & His Friends

Through fun interactive videos Genius and His Friends encourage and motivate children to think and act positively developing a strong self-belief. Developing skills and abilities for critical thinking, this forms the base to encourage intellectual and emotional growth, nurtured imagination, creativity, excellent communication, and problem- solving skills. Children learn a way to think, developing a strong self-belief and confidence thus opening up a world of possibilities for a happier clearer more contented life.

Give your child the opportunity to unlock their Genius within.

Genius at School

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