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Dream Builder


Dream Builder

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Country music

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I like helping you to use your imagination and to dream so that you can achieve and succeed in whatever you want to achieve.  

I help you to create new things which no-one else has thought of. That’s because you have the ability to bring something new and exciting into the world just like many inventors and scientists have done.   

I love to build your dreams. Did you know, that everything you see around you has been built twice? – Once in your imagination and once in the real world.  Your imagination has no boundaries and no limits.

It all starts in the imagination, which is in your marvellous mind.

I like to help you learn to think by using your special gift of imagination.

By using your imagination you can picture yourself becoming anything you want to be. When you imagine it, you can set goals and achieve whatever you want to achieve.  

My favourite colour is blue because blue is beautiful and the colour of dreams. 

My glasses match my attire. I am always happy when I am helping build your dreams. As I am a builder, I wear a very special belt to keep my tools handy.  

You might have noticed, I have a pencil behind my ear. That’s because I’m always ready to make changes to my drawings and make sure that all of the measurements are correct before I build and assemble your dreams.  

I have so many tools to help build your dreams. When it comes to those dreams, sometimes there are changes to be made. With my tools, I can tweak this or that to help make your dreams even better.  

I am always ready to build your dreams as I love to build.  My glasses help to make sure I can see your dreams extremely well.  My arms are open to welcome all dreams that come my way.

I live with Genius and his friends in a place called MindWorld which is like a community or suburb because we are all living in a place in your mind.  

Your mind is a very special place and it is your very own special place.

I believe you can create your own place in your mind to be whatever you want it to be. Your MindWorld is created by you and is your own wonderful place to enjoy.  

Your thoughts are unique and special to you and what you think and visualise is different from what I think and visualise. That means your MindWorld will be different to mine.  

And as Genius always says:  I am unique as you can see. There is no one else in the world like me.

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