The Genius Books: An Instructional Guide to Reading and Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom


In these fun rhyming books with companion videos the readers are introduced to Genius and His Friends.  Each of Genius’s friends have a particular role to play and when all working together helps us to understand more about our minds and bodies and how we connect with the world around us. He teaches us a way to think, and he shows us how to develop a strong self-belief and confidence to create bright and happy futures. All creatures are unique, but you are even more special!!

The Genius Books characters will inspire readers of all ages with enquiring minds to imagine, dream, achieve and succeed, empowering children to understand thoughts, understand themselves and generate enthusiasm, which opens up a world of possibilities for future success.

Genius introduces readers to Dream Builder, Intuition Interceptor, Persistent Photographer, Memory Minder, Reason Bots and Perception Pointer.

Genius represents the mind. As the central character and the impetus for each of the nine picture books, Genius is the forefront of messaging in this creative collection. He is an inspiring character who promotes happiness, and he loves the magic of positive thinking. In this instructional guide, the time-saving lesson plans and collaborative, engaging activities will help to bring Genius & His Friends to life in any classroom or learning environment around the world.

Covering nine weeks of learning, this guide helps children to explore more deeply the interesting themes within the stories using discussion and guided work, whilst encouraging them to develop a love for reading as they connect with the fun characters they meet along the way.

Key features of this guide:

  • Fun content which has been mapped to The National Curriculum for England (2014) and National Curriculum for Australian education objectives
  • An abundance of question types to address all of the main skills children need to master in order to become independent and happy readers
  • Creative activities which also support speaking and listening skills during guided and group work
  • Flexible planning which will adapt to your style of teaching
  • Linked writing opportunities to support the curriculum

“The Genius books empower children to understand thoughts, experience jobs and generate enthusiasm to create a happy life. These books introduce lovely characters, who are meant to inspire children (including adult children) with enquiring minds to imagine, dream, achieve and succeed. Learning a new way to think, as well as developing self-belief and confidence, delivers a world of possibilities to create bright and happy futures. This is my legacy for future generations. Understanding our mindset is essential for everything we do in life, and we are never too young (or too old) to tap into our inner genius.” Wendy Ann Marquenie.

Wendy Ann Marquenie is the creator of Inner Genius Global, which inspires young people to develop skills and abilities for critical thinking, thus laying the foundation for them to create happier, clearer, more contented lives. She believes that critical thinking is fundamental for children’s education because it encourages intellectual and emotional growth. This in turn then fosters competent adults who have nurtured imagination, developed creativity, excellent communication and effective problem-solving skills.

Inner Genius Global empowers children to develop their critical thinking by showing them how to use their minds to investigate different themes through books, activities and educational programs. Under the brand Genius & His Friends, Wendy encourages children to imagine, dream, achieve and succeed as they explore the world alongside the engaging characters of Genius and his friends.

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