Meet the Character Intuition Interceptor

Intuition Interceptor


Intuition Interceptor

Favourite colour:


Favourite Music:

Rhythm and Blues

Favourite thing to do:

Always feeling happy

Favourite Food:


I like helping you to understand vibrations and feelings and my special gift is intuition.

I receive and send signals that come in every day from things and people around you.

I help you to figure out which vibrations and feelings are good or not so good.

Your mind receives thoughts every moment of the day and some of these thoughts are positive and some are negative. Some are happy, sad, angry, scared and mad. 

These are just some of the different emotions and feelings that you experience. I help sort out all of these feelings and work out which emotions are good for you and which may not be so helpful.  

You might have noticed that I wear a large hat with antennae on the top so I can receive these emotions and feelings.

I then sort them out and help you understand them. When you understand your feelings you can help turn them into something positive. 

Using a special form of photography, these feelings and emotions can be photographed as energy waves. These energy waves travel outwards and meet energy waves from people around you.  

I am a very interesting character that likes the colour orange.  Why orange? Well normally you cannot see energy waves but I figured if they were a colour then orange would be one you could easily see. 

I have a unique expression that looks as if I’m humming. That’s because I hum all day and all night as I work out those emotions and feelings that are coming in through my special antennae hat. 

Receiving the energy waves of emotions is a very important job. I love to work these feelings out and send them back as positive emotions.  

I help you understand your feelings and emotions to enable you to make better choices and decisions based on those feelings and emotions.

I am always looking upward to see if I can see those energy waves and I am concentrating on those energy waves all the time.

Understanding your intuition and vibrations involves learning a way to think, which opens up a world of possibilities for future success.

I live with Genius and his friends in a place called MindWorld which is like a community or suburb because we are all living in a place in your mind.  

Your mind is a very special place and it is your very own special place.

I believe you can create your own place in your mind to be whatever you want it to be. Your MindWorld is created by you and is your own wonderful place to enjoy.  

Your thoughts are unique and special to you and what you think and visualise is different from what I think and visualise. That means your MindWorld will be different to mine.  

And as Genius always says:  I am unique as you can see. There is no one else in the world like me.

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