Meet the Character Memory Minder

Memory Minder


Memory Minder

Favourite colour:


Favourite Music:

Musical Theatre

Favourite thing to do:

Systemizing memories  

Favourite Food:

Systemizing memories  

I love memories. I store all of your happy memories, sad memories, family memories, holiday memories, school memories and many, many more.

I love to work on your memories. I spend all day and all night sorting through them and I even work when you are asleep.

I love being busy storing all of your memories. In fact, I store your memories for your entire lifetime.

I remind you of your memories whenever you need them. I am constantly busy fetching and carrying those memories inside your marvellous mind.

Your memory is a unique power and a very important power to have. It helps you make decisions based on your past experiences.  

I am always there to help you remember past, present and future memories. 

I help you to remember your thoughts, which might be positive or negative, and I help you understand that you can change a memory to make a new one called a future memory. That new memory might involve creating more positive thoughts.  

I also help you to remember past experiences that might not have been so pleasant. Although it may not be your favourite thing to remember, this memory carries good messages so that you do not make the same mistake again. 

In other words, your memories can help protect you.   

I guess you could think of me like a very lovable mother or grandmother figure, or even a librarian who stores all of your memories from the day you are born until the day you leave this earth.  

I like the colour Green as this is a very calming colour.  

I love to be kind and nurturing. But even though I am a very understanding character, when you are focusing on the wrong memory or not focusing on a wonderful future memory, I use my strong, powerful voice to help you focus.  

I enjoy guiding you to become clear with your memories and what they are used for. I am here to make those memories work for you.  

I am always happy when I am holding up a future memory and seeing the wonderful things you can create for yourself in the future. 

I live with Genius and his friends in a place called MindWorld which is like a community or suburb because we are all living in a place in your mind.  

Your mind is a very special place and it is your very own special place.

I believe you can create your own place in your mind to be whatever you want it to be. Your MindWorld is created by you and is your own wonderful place to enjoy.  

Your thoughts are unique and special to you and what you think and visualise is different from what I think and visualise. That means your MindWorld will be different to mine.  

And as Genius always says:  I am unique as you can see. There is no one else in the world like me.

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