Meet the Character Perception Pointer

Perception Pointer


Perception Pointer

Favourite colour:


Favourite Music:


Favourite thing to do:

Achieve amazing things

Favourite Food:

Purple Plums

My favourite colour is purple and I have a very big finger that I like to point.

I help you to understand and notice things around you.

I also help you form opinions about the things you have experienced.

I wear reality goggles so that I can look out and see the amazing things you can achieve in the future. 

I love the colour purple because it is a bold colour that stands out.  

If you’re wondering what perception is, it’s your beliefs and opinions. For example, when you are talking to someone and they want to make a point or statement sometimes they might hold up a finger.

That is why I am holding up his rather large finger, to make you notice something.  

It is like saying ‘Wait a moment. Let’s think about this a little more.’  I am here to make you aware of what is going on around you.  

Your perception is a unique power where you can look outwards and see yourself doing amazing things. 

It is about believing that you can achieve greatness and you can see yourself doing incredible things in the future. It is a unique power that taps into positive thoughts, not negative ones. 

I help you to believe in you, believe in what you can achieve, and believe in your success in your own mind.

I am like a professor.  I will think about something you are talking about and I do not rush in with a comment or answer until I have thought it out. Then I hold up my finger to make a comment or opinion.   

I do not rush into making any quick statements or quick decisions.   

Everyone has opinions and beliefs about everyday things. They also have beliefs about what they are capable of achieving in the future.

That is the reason I have some reality goggles so that I can see into your future.  

I help you understand that you can achieve great things. I help you to understand and form your own opinions and beliefs about you. 

I live with Genius and his friends in a place called MindWorld which is like a community or suburb because we are all living in a place in your mind.  

Your mind is a very special place and it is your very own special place.

I believe you can create your own place in your mind to be whatever you want it to be. Your MindWorld is created by you and is your own wonderful place to enjoy.  

Your thoughts are unique and special to you and what you think and visualise is different from what I think and visualise. That means your MindWorld will be different to mine.  

And as Genius always says:  I am unique as you can see. There is no one else in the world like me.

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