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For many years we at Inner Genius have inspired children to imagine, dream, achieve and succeed through our lovable characters and fun rhyming books.

Research has shown the educational and psychological benefits of developing relationships with these characters in the formative years. The Genius Books Series, which sets the foundation for children to learn about themselves and the world around them, have been recommended by the Education Minister of Queensland as a practical resource for developing confidence and self-belief in children from an early age.


Genius Asks Who Am I? Front


My Intuition Interceptor My Feelings He Will Care For Front

Intuition Interceptor

My Dream Builder Can See What I Will Be Front

Dream Builder

My Persistent Photographer Works My Mind Faster Front

Persistant Photographer

My Memory Minder Is My Memory Finder Front

Memory Minder

My Reason Bot Knows Lots and Lots Front

Reason Bots

My Perception Pointer Is My Decision Maker Front

Perception Pointer

Genius Works His Magic ON This Thing Called A Habit Front


Genius Loves An Attitude of Gratitude Front


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Curriculm mapping for Genius book series